This week at FSC, 9.3.08

Hey FSC! Here are your reminders for this week...

1. Final Bible study Our final Bible study will be this Thursday, September 4th. We will be meeting at Sam Fetchero's apartment (3108 Patterson Avenue, Apt. 4) at 7pm.

2. Small groups We will be starting small groups the week of September 15th. If you're interested in being part of a small group (or if you have questions) please contact Erik at erik [at] franklinstreet [dot] net.

3. Women's fellowship With small groups scheduled to start later this month, we're considering alternative options for our women's fellowship. At our last meeting, we discussed possibly changing our meeting time to once a month, preferably on Wednesday. Before we make a decision on this, we thought it would be helpful to get some input from the women of our congregation. So, if you have thoughts on this, please email me at val [at] franklinstreet [dot] net.

Hope you have a wonderful week!


P.S. If you'd like your info to be added to the FSC contact database, use the link below to fill out our contact form: