"Known and Loved"

Sermon, 8.31.2008“Known and Loved” Rev. Erik Bonkovsky John 4:16-30, 39-42

In this well-known story about the woman at the well, Jesus first exposes the truth about the woman and then shows her love. When we're exposed, we clam up. We stop the flow of conversation, and try to divert it. Oftentimes while in conversation, we throw up a level of defense when issues hit too close to home. We want to deal with the issues in our lives as an abstract concept and not with our hearts. We don't want to be exposed.

But this exposure is necessary. We have to be exposed down to the bone, down to the essence of who we are in order for God's love to have any impact. What effect would there be if we scraped away one layer of walls and replaced it with love? We must scrape away all the layers and completely expose our hearts to God so that he can replace it with love from the core on out.

We do not earn our way up to God, it's actually he who is seeking us. He wants to share his goodness with us, and show us that there is another way; that we don't have to try to earn our way to love. So it's really about his grace, and his desire to share. Likewise when we witness to others, we're just beggars telling the other beggars were we found bread. Although we often see witnessing as a "pushy," uncomfortable activity, it should really be the most natural thing in the world.