Organzing contact info, small groups, etc.

As Valerie's update shows, there's a lot going on at FSC...

  1. FSC contact database

    We are putting together a database of contact information for all attendees of FSC who would like to be included. This will help us in coordinating volunteers and will make getting in touch with each other much easier. Don't worry - we won't be selling any information to anyway. This is simply an internal document that we would like to have on hand. If you feel comfortable being added to the database, please email me with the following information:

    Name Email address Phone # (optional) Mailing addressEven if you think we already have this information, please send it along anyway.

  2. Small groups This September, FSC will be starting a few small groups of about 8-12 people (individuals and couples). We are planning for them to meet weekly for Bible studies, fellowship, and service opportunities. If you're interested in being part of a small group or if you have questions, please email Erik at erik [at] franklinstreet [dot] net.

  3. Lost and found Members of Harvest Renewal (the church we rent the building from) found a man's ring at the church. If you think it might be yours, contact the Harvest Renewal office at 353-2997.And last but not least...

  4. Making it official On September 21st during our regular service, Erik will be officially installed as our pastor. There will be a celebration immediately after the service. More details coming.