this week at FSC, 7.9.08

Your friendly weekly reminders from Valerie:

Hey FSC!

Don't forget, our bi-weekly (or fortnightly, whatever) Bible study is this Thursday July 10. We will be meeting once again at Sam's place to continue our discussion on social justice.

The details: Thursday July 10 7pm Sam Fetchero's place 3108 Patterson Avenue Apt. 4

Also, Loaves & Fishes is coming up on July 20th. We'll be having sign ups for that soon, so please be checking/clearing your calendar so you can come help out.

As always, if you're willing to help out with snacks and/or childcare during any of our services, contact Anne Douglas Enghauser at memento [dot] ade [at] gmail [dot] com.

Have a great rest of the week!