Loaves & Fishes this Sunday!

More info from Valerie on Loaves & Fishes this Sunday is below.  Loaves & Fishes is a great way to serve our community by ministering to the most basic need: food.  Also, it's surprisingly fun! FSC,

This Sunday (June 15th) is our day to serve the hungry at Loaves & Fishes at the Conrad Center, and we desperately need people to come and help. There has been a shortage of volunteers the last few sessions - if we don't have volunteers, we can't serve these people in the way they deserve.

Currently we have no one signed up to attend this week's session. Please consider donating some of your time this Sunday to help with this outreach effort.

Here are the details:

Sunday June 15th 11-1:30 Conrad Center 1400 Oliver Hill Way

If you need directions or a ride, please let me know - we don't want that to keep you from coming. If can help out, please contact Kira Disse at kmdisse [at] gmail.com

So please sign up. Bring friends! It's a really great opportunity to not only fellowship with the people you go to church with, but to also serve the community.

Thanks, Val