Day 6: A Giant Staircase to Heaven

Read: Jesus Storybook Bible 48-55 or Genesis 11 Think: Man-made religious systems share a common denominator of human effort for the good life and God’s acceptance. Not Christianity. Life as a disciple of Jesus means resting in the finished work of Jesus. The way to God is not our ascent, but rather Jesus’ descent and resurrection. The godly life is not about keeping rules so that God will accept us. God accepts us, and so our lives look different as a response. How are to trying to earn the love of God which is already yours in Christ? Take the time if you have children to explain that they are fully loved, not because of rule following, but because they are, and always will be your son or daughter. Pray: For a growing trust in the finished work of Christ, and not our own efforts, as the way to heaven and membership into God’s family. For our families to be environments that reinforce the unconditional love and grace of God.