Day 23: Daniel and the Scary Sleepover

Read: Jesus Storybook Bible 152-159 or Daniel 6 Think: The Bible tells us that God’s people, Israel, sought after other gods and disobeyed God’s commands. Because of this, they became slaves in the foreign land of Babylon for a time. God’s people were to seek the welfare of their captors as well as be faithful to God in the midst of their exile. Daniel was one such slave who was faithful to God and was thrown into a lion’s den for it. By God’s grace, Daniel was spared and God was given glory. Jesus, the long-awaited Messiah, through his incarnation walked this earth is a kind of exile, seeking the welfare of God’s people, and ultimately was not spared but crushed for our iniquities so that we would be spared.  Pray: For a thankful heart amidst the heartache of waiting in response to Jesus taking on flesh, walking among us, and laying down his life in order to rescue us.