Day 21: Operation “No More Tears!”

Read: Jesus Storybook Bible 144-151 or Isaiah 9:1-7 and Isaiah 55 Think: The world is broken and marred by sin, none of us need convincing of this horrible truth. But what we daily need reminding of is that God has promised to undo all of our hurts, pains, and sorrows. Until that time, when Jesus himself will wipe away all of our tears, we are called to wait. Waiting is hard, but God is good, and he is with us. We are forever changed because of Jesus’ first coming. At Jesus’ second coming, all will be changed forever. Until then, may our hope grow as it is watered by our tears in the midst of waiting. Pray: That we would be a people who feel both sorrow and joy deeply in the context of celebrating what is “already” in Jesus and longing for restoration as we wait in the “not yet” of our lives.