Day 20: The Little Servant Girl and the Proud General

Read: Jesus Storybook Bible 136-143 or 2 Kings 5:1-14 Think: It can be easy to overlook the little girl in this story...patiently waiting on God as she lives as a slave in the house of her enemy. Tim Keller has this to say: “This unsung heroine of the Bible refused to relieve her own suffering by making Namaan pay. She did what the entire Bible tells us to do. She did not seek revenge, she trusted God to be the judge of all. She forgave him and became the vehicle for his healing and salvation. She trusted God and bore her suffering with patience. She paid the price of usefulness. She suffered and forgave not knowing how much God would use her sacrifice.” This little girl as a suffering servant points us to The Suffering Servant, Jesus Christ. Pray: For hearts that would respond to God’s goodness and grace in the midst of awful circumstances. For lives that reflect a deep trust in God to be the final judge. For a willingness to pay the price of usefulness.