Day 19: The Good Shepherd

Read: Jesus Storybook Bible 130-135 or Psalm 23 Think: David was far from perfect (among other things he committed adultery and plotted murder) but he is described as the ideal Israelite king and he wrote some beautiful poetry. Psalm 23 is well-known for good reason. Reading or singing this builds confidence in the believer that God is with them and will protect them. Not only does he lead and guide us, but his goodness and mercy literally pursue us all of our days. We cannot escape his powerful preserving—even in the bleakest of winters in life he promises to stay by us and he will lead us back to greener pastures Pray: Take some time to pray through this psalm slowly, talking to God whatever comes into mind after each petition. Perhaps listen to this song based off the psalm: Thank God for his goodness and preserving power over the flock.