Day 16: The Warrior Leader

Read: Jesus Storybook Bible 108-115 or Joshua 3 and 6. Think: Jesus’ name in Hebrew is translated as “Joshua” meaning “Yahweh saves.” In our story today, we see how God raised up Joshua to lead his people and bring them into the land promised to them. He was a warrior leader. Jesus is the greater warrior leader who conquers sin and death. But rather than crushing his opposition, he himself was crushed for our sin on the cross. We await a day when Jesus will come in power and glory to conquer his enemies and usher us into the new heavens and earth. Pray: That we would follow in the paradoxical path of the cross of Jesus. That to truly live, we must die. That we would remember that God has yet to bring us into the full rest he has promised us in Jesus, may we wait with hope for that day.