Day 14: Ten Ways to Be Perfect

Read: Jesus Storybook Bible 100-107 or Exodus 20:1-21 Think: The graciousness of God and his rescuing Israel from slavery preceded the giving of the Law. God’s rescue, both in Exodus and now in Christ calls us to transformed lives in response to our redemption. Only Jesus lived a perfect life, but he is calling us to live holy lives...not to earn salvation, but because we are already saved. God is gracious and loving when we fail to live up to his standards. Through our failures, our need of Jesus is magnified.  Pray: That we would delight in the Law of God and live holy lives, giving thanks for Jesus, the only one who has perfectly kept the Law of God. Ask God for a larger love for Jesus in our hearts, a love that would crowd out our love for lesser things contrary to God’s Word.