Day 5: A New Beginning

Read: Jesus Storybook Bible 38-47 or Genesis 7:23-8:1 and 9:7-17 Think: Sin brings God’s wrath and judgement. A life apart from God only leads to chaos and destruction, something we see in the world around us and in our own sinful hearts. But judgement is never the end of the story, not when God is writing it! With Noah, he set the rainbow in the sky as a sign that he would never again pour out his wrath through a global flood. Through Christ, God has pointed to the cross to assure us that he has no wrath left for those who trust in Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Do you believe that in Christ, God delights in you as a daughter or son? How does God feel about you right now? Pray: For reassurance and comfort that God delights in you through Jesus! For this belief not only to live inside our heads and be on our tongues, but that we would treasure it in our hearts and live as sons and daughters of the King in this season of waiting!