Day 2: The Story and the Song

Read: Jesus Storybook Bible 12-17 or Psalm 19:1-2 and Hebrews 1:1-2. Think: How do you tend to think of the Bible? A set of rules to follow? Irrelevant? A record of heroes to imitate? The Bible is not fundamentally any of these things. The Bible is the story of God and his work throughout history. We can describe this story in one sentence: God made it, we broke it, Jesus fixes it!  The Bible is a story of anticipation…of waiting, much like the season of Advent. We read of God at work throughout history, we experience how he is at work through Christ and his Church now, and we still await the Day when he will complete his work! Pray: For God to give us a love for his Word and to shape us into a people who celebrate his work throughout history, telling our friends, neighbors, and children of God’s love in Jesus.